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Don Kress wrote at 2011-09-03 03:04:24
I have a wood tennis racket from about 1940 or so.  It was made by Ed Maynard of Plymouth N.H. and also has the little dog sign on it.  It is a quality piece.  There was a company by the name of Draper & Maynard in Plymouth and they were a big racket maker.  They also used a dod as their lable but the dog was different.  

Bill LeeMaster wrote at 2013-12-05 01:50:07
Here is some additional information regarding Edward Maynard.  As the co-owner of a sporting goods company, my best guess would be that one of the rod/tackle companies in existence between 1899-1930 built this specially for Maynard.  Be great if it was Orvis. I have no reference book to check out the windings and see if a close or identical match might be found.  Here's the web site I used:

mike wrote at 2014-07-18 16:55:43
Ed Maynard was the son of John Maynard who along with Jason Draper formed Draper-Maynard Sporting Goods in the 1890's. Ed Maynard was an executive with D&M until the mid 1930's. At that time, D&M was heading into bankruptcy and about to be bought out by Goldsmith Sporting Goods. Ed Maynard headed out on his own and formed his own company, Ed Maynard Sporting goods. His company was located in Plymouth NH., just down the road from the D&M factory. In fact, Maynard continued to use the D&M factory to manufacture some of his sporting goods into the 1940's. His fishing gear was contracted elsewhere but carried the Ed Maynard "Sign of the Little Dog" logo. The "Little Dog" logo was a reference to Maynard's time spent with D&M whose logo for sporting goods was "The Lucky Dog Kind". I have no idea of the value but your item is extremely rare.


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