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Fishing/Identifying and value of an old Great lakes bamboo rod


Kelly wrote at 2011-04-06 15:29:55
I have the same rod but different model number and the maker of it is Great Lakes made in Canada My model number of mine is 603ST and its a 5 foot and half rod and i cant find anything on the internet either and yes its bamboo could you let me know what you find out about it too thank you Kelly

T.J. wrote at 2015-02-01 02:08:23
I have the identical reel, wood butt end, and in front of reel, on metal rod, with metal line, trying to get info as well


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Joe Douglas


I can answer questions on custom rod building and rod restoration and rod repair for bamboo, graphite and fiberglass fishing rods. I also have experience in estimating the value of vintage rods and determining the original manufacturer.


I operate a custom rod building business providing fly rods, spey rods, casting and spinning rods in bamboo graphite and fiberglass. I also operate a custom rod building school where myself and other professional rod builders teach individuals to build custom rods. I have a personal interest in vintage rods and have a small collection of reference books and articles which often help shed light on the origins of the older rods.

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