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Chelsea wrote at 2012-09-29 21:14:14
I just bought a vintage fishing pole and I think my label is the same as yours.  But I can read the one on my pole.  It says Golden Gate.  Quality Sporting Goods.  Made in USA.  There is a faded picture of the Golden Gate bridge on it. Mine says 7ft #3060.

Thibeinn wrote at 2015-11-30 18:02:00
I also just bought a "Golden Gate Quality Sporting Goods" fishing rod. I've seen others say they have rods with "Golden Gate Quality Fishing Tackle" on them. An intensive Google search turns up nothing. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has many listing for "Golden Gate" but none are of a Golden Gate logo or brand name which is associated with fishing tackle. If they really were "Made in USA" both "Golden Gate Quality Fishing Tackle" and "Golden Gate Quality Sporting Goods" would be registered with that office, even if the company which owned the trademark has gone out of business since registering it. My rod is supposed to be a 1950's vintage rod, however it has a 3" long section of PVC where it attaches to the handle. PVC was not used in making fishing rods (nor any part thereof), not nowadays and not ever in the past. Thus I have no choice but to conclude that all vintage Golden Gate brand fishing tackle is fraudulent. They are most probably made in China, then artificially made to look like they have some age to them (wear and tear), then sold by scammers over the internet to be bought by small tackle shops and individuals.

Thibeinn wrote at 2015-11-30 18:32:32
I forgot to say that Golden Gate rods are actually replicas of vintage rods (tho they are being sold by way of the "vintage scam"), and seem to be made well enough to actually use for fishing. The people making and selling them should be brought to justice nonetheless.


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They are looked down upon by the collecting community and often they are justified. They were mass produced , rather heavy and very slow. They are not going to resale for very much.

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