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Fishing/fishing trip to brown bear lake, ontareo


Kentucky Jim wrote at 2013-07-11 21:39:56
Mark from Arkansas,

It's Kentucky Jim and I've fished northwest Ontario waters for those same species for 25 years. Ironically we are looking at going to the Brown Bear Lake fishery fly-in next year. I'd like to pick your brain a little about the success of your trip, the fishing quality in Brown Bear and the portage lakes.

Slammin' Sammy your advice to Mark is right on the money and is nearly identical to the tackle and lure choices that our large group employs. Can you forward my thread to Mark. Thanks guys.  


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I can answer any questions relating to North American freshwater angling; most specifically in the northeast portion of the country. I am most knowledgable in the fields (or should I say waters) of Bass, Pike, and Trout fishing. I can assist you with bait/lure selection, tackle selection, and where you will find the species of fish that you are looking for. I can't answer questions on antique lures or antique rods.


I have been a fisherman for the entirety of my life. Ever since I pulled that first Largemouth Bass out of the water, I have been hooked on the sport of angling. I typically fish 6 days a week, considering I live right next to a lake. I have caught a majority of the game fish in North America.

I graduated from the Wharton School of Business at UPENN.

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