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QUESTION: what is the value of a H L Leonard fly rod  7ft. 6 in,#6 line,golden shadow model.


I don't have a lot of data on this one.  The Leonard graphite rod in this length and weight would likely be in the $300-$900 range depending on actual conditon.

I'm not sure a lot of these were real data so the value is a guess.

Thanks,  Joe

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QUESTION: hi joe.  i have been gifted with app. 25 high end fly rods,g lomis,sage,thomas orvis,ect.,reels and flys and app 100 hardcover books on trout fishing.i am an outdoorsman and have fly fished but i will never need or use all this equipment but i dont want to just dump it on e-bay.what would be your recommindation on selling most of these items?i would like to sell it in one lump but i know their has to be a very limited market for what seems to be 10 to 20 thousand dollars worth of stuff.everything seems to be in ex. condition, all poles encased in cloth and in metal tubes.

Hi Dan,

I have helped other people establish values for collections they have received through inheritence or gift.  If you wish, send me a listing of what you have received with as much detail on each piece as you can provide...and photos...and I will try to give you a reasonable assessment of value for each piece.  Send the information to and I'll review it.

The easiest way is to send a list of items, then send one or two sets of descriptions and photos at a time to keep the emial manageable.  

You might want to do some research on local auction services and/or antique sellers near where you live.  There are also some national level auction houses that might be useful once the values are established.

Selling as one lump or as individual rods is a choice you can make later as well.  

The books may or may not sell well.  If not, there are some large library and university collections to which you could donate the books for others to enjoy and to get a tax break.

I wold be happy to help you.  It may take a few weeks since I'll do it in my spare time, but it is always fun researching fine rods.

Thanks, Joe


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