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I have a fly rod in original cloth Sleeve and stored in an aluminum case.  Do these have any antique value,  guessing this is bought in 50's or 60's from a store in Michigan called VL&A the price tag says $69.50
I also have a Sila flex Perfexion MODEL 11  MAX line 6# Price tag form VL&A $37.50
Also have a 4 piece split bamboo about 12 feet long, it has a very unique holing case made of 4 separate compartments in a circle and stored inside a metal case seems very old

Hi Keith,

The Silaflex is an early fiberglass rod of high quality.  You may want to post a picture and pose a question about the rod on to see what additional information you can get.  The discussion forum at that site is dedicated to people interested in glass fly rods.  You may even get an offer to buy.

If you can send me a picture or two of the bamboo rod I'll try to identify the maker for you.  VL&A did not make rods, they sold rods made by other companies.  Value on the rod will depend on who made it and the actual condition.  Send photos to and I'll review them.

Thanks,  Joe


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