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Hi Joe; A friend of mine recently gave me a split bamboo fly rod. It is in the original case and sock and is marked as a Granger Aristocrat just above the handle.  The reel seat is labeled Made by Goodwin Granger Company, Denver; Pat Pending. The case reads GA 8642,8.5 ft, and it looks like it is a 4.5 wt (hard to read). It is in very good shape: no blemishes in the finish and all wrappings appear to be original and tight.  It fishes great--I usually have time to eat a sandwich between my backcast and forward cast. I love the rod, but question is--how much is it worth? Makes me nervous if it is too much.  Thanks for your help.  Regards.

Hi Gene,

Value of the rod will depend on actual condition of the rod, bag and tube.  As you inspect the rod try to be objective and choose a category for condition of each component and overall package.  Value guide would be:  Poor-Fair $100-$200, Good-Very Good $275-$400, Excellent-Mint $450-$600.  Without inspecting the rod personally, it sounds to me like your rod will fit into the Very Good to Excellent portion of the scale

Granger rods made by Granger before Wright-McGill took over (1946) tend to be valued higher than the W-M produced Granger models...although they are all very nice rods.

You do have to adjust your stroke a bit to fish bamboo, but it is much more fun and generally easier to cast.  More fun to play fish on as well.  You might also want to try one of the old fiberglass rods for another fun time.

I would say you are looking at value not that different from today's good graphite rods, but much greater durability and more fun to use.  Hint: I prefer the older rods.

You should thank your friend.

Thanks,  Joe


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