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Pflueger Summit
Pflueger Summit  

Pflueger Summit
Pflueger Summit  
Hi Bob, I have an older style Pflueger Summit in near mint condition. It was sold as a 1993L. It came with a box, bag, wrench, grease and care instructions. I was told it dates to 1939 (does not have the grease disc on the front plate).
Here are my concerns:
1.   The reel has white handles. I was told that the white handles are post WWII and thus must have been a replacement for the reel.  From the condition of the reel, I would have to assume that the original handles were also in mint condition and would not require replacement.  Are you aware of any of these early Summit reels having white handles?  Letís assume that this reel was manufactured toward the end of its model production when Pflueger started making the white handles for its newer model. Is it possible that Pflueger could have put white handles on this reel? Is there any evidence or knowledge that this was a practice back in the day? I was told that the original handles had a cracking problem. Perhaps Pflueger made the change prior to introcucing its newer model??
2.   There is no marking on the reel that it is a 1993L (light weight). How can I confirm that it is a 1993L? If it is a 1993L, then the box would be correct.
3.   The care instructions for this reel show a reel with a grease disc on the front plate. This is what started me to think that something wasnít right with this group.
I appreciate your help with this dificult issue.


I will be honest, I am much better with lures than reels.  

I have a 1993L on the small plate at the end of the level wind mine is marked 1993L. right underneath the word Summit. Also, my reel has white knobs on the handle. I believe L was for an aluminum spool (as you said, light weight).

I can't see the spot on your reel, the handle is in the way of the level wind end plate on the photo.

I am going to recommend you post a question on this site dedicated to fishing reels

You want to go into the REEL TALK section to register and post a question.




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