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Fishing/My model 59 bamboo South Bend Fly rod


jerry wrote at 2012-04-09 18:07:42

Just started googling some info on my dad's old model 59 9' South Bend fly rod, and saw your inquiry. Not sure if you've found your answer,elsewhere,but in case you haven't maybe this will help: On my rod, from the top of the cork handle to the first guide is 23" (all measurements to center of guide). the middle section has 3 guides(moving towards tip). The 1st guide  is 7 1/2" from the bottom of(male)metal connector for this section. 2nd guide is another 14" up. 3rd guide is another 12" up(or 3" down from metal, female, connector the 3rd section slides into).

The 3rd section has 5 guides plus the tip. The 1st guide is 4" up from the bottom of the metal(male)connector. The 2nd is    9 1/4"up(toward the tip). The 3rd guide is 5 1/2" up from the 2nd. The 4th guide is 7" up from the 3rd. The 5th guide is     7 1/8" up from the 4th (or 3 3/4" from the top of the tip). Making a total of 9 guides(as you suspected)and the tip ferule- 1 guide on 1st sect., 3 on mid-sect.,and 5 on 3rd sect. The 1st guide is,of course,heavier gauge metal with a red ceramic(?)insert, while the remaining 8 guides all appear to be made of a sturdy wire of a lighter gauge with kind of a half-twist construction to guide the line through. The rod appears to be 6-sided bamboo,with the rectangular label"South Bend A Name Famous In Fishing" and a stamp "HCH or C" on the same side(surface) that the first guide is attached to.These guides seem to be in their original positions as there are no other markings on the rod sections that would indicate repair or replacement. As a recent retiree, I am just an amateur  looking for the first time in 50-some years at some old fishing equipment my dad used in the '50s. Hope this helps.  


TAyer wrote at 2013-01-10 01:04:30
I have the same model 59 9 foot with the square tag that my father gave me about 1980. It has not been used except when he did lightly after he bought it. It has 4 guides on the tip section. Three guides on the center section. One guide with red liner on the handle section. This rod has never been repaired, rewound, or restored in any manner.


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