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Fishing/Lake Seminole in November


Hi Jack,

I will be fishing Lake Seminole in mid November and was looking for any help on what to throw (want to make sure I bring enough of them, lol) and some good directions on where to throw them.  I assume that the bass will be in the fall pattern by then.  I was thinking about Spring Creek area.  


Nick.there can be quite a difference between early and late November.  I would say that your
choice of Spring Creek area is a good one.  If the weather has not cooled things way down I
would suggest working the creek channel as it wonders through the flooded timber.  I do not
know if you have ever fished here before but about half of The area between the south tip of
Sealies Island upstream to the old landing about two and a half miles upstream from Rattlesnake
point consists of drowned timber.  The other half is mostly flats filled with hydrilla which
may be dieing down by November.  I have found that a large plastic worm is good in the area
of drowned trees.  Cast the worm so that it hits the stump about the water line and let the
worm fall on a slack line.  Do not raise your rod tip until the lure hits bottom or moves one
way or another.  If a fish does not grab it before it hits bottom raise your rod tip and take
up slack If a fish has it then set the hook when the line tightens up.  If you raise the rod
tip before the lure hits bottom the bait will swing out away from the stump. You want your lure
to be as close to the stump as possible when it falls as that is where many of the big boys
or girls are found.  If a worm does not pay off try a creature bait in the same way. A jig with
a pork frog close to a stump has worked well for me.  A crank bait is also good if the grass
isn't too thick.  If You can work a crank just over the weeds You will likely get some bites.
I also like a lure shaped like a minnow the original Rapala or its like will often work over
the open water in the hydrilla area. Work the edges of the hydrilla parallel with the edge
is often a good bet.  There are a number of places between Rattlesnake Point and the old
landing a couple of miles up. There are times especially in the evening around sunset that I
have done well with topwater baits. I like the Zara Spook and devil's horse around the edges
of the creek channel.  If the lake is low You can see the creek channel but if it is high
water you need your sounder.  The channel runs around 16 to 20 feet while the non channel
runs around 12 to 14 feet. I have seldom done much in the channel proper but holding the
boat in the channel and working the sides with a crank bait or a spinner bait or at times
a topwater.  I like a chrome/blue or chrome/black rattletrap for this area too.

There are, of course, many other places on the lake but it is Spring Creek where I have had
my best luck and I fish it much more than other places because I live on that area.

The area around the mouth of Spring Creek has been good at times and I have been told that
the mouth of Fish Pond Drain is good but I have not hit it when it was very good.

The area of the Chatahooche River arm of the lake is also good but I have not fished it much.
I have found that I could catch more and bigger fish in Spring Creek arm so why run for miles
to fish someplace else. I do now and then just to explore but I have always done better here
at home.

If I could sit down with you and a map I could point out more specific places.  If you get to
town and have some time free you could give me a call and I could meet you someplace in
Bainbridge or Donalsonville and go over the map with you.  My phone number is

I hope this is some help.



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