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Fishing/bass spawing in fall


We have caught many bass in late Oct early Nov most have eggs in them, when do they spawn in the fall or do they? We live in southern Indiana. Caught them in private pond.

Hi there, I'm glad to here from you! Hope this helps! Hmmmm...I've never heard largemouth or smallmouth bass spawning in the fall before, although divers have documented some bass that spawn in deep water well after the spawn ended. This might be into late summer but not into late fall. Does this private pond ice up? Or is there some type of warm water discharge? I'm not sure, but if its the case it might trigger some of the bass to spawn that didn't do it back in spring. What I'm thinking it might be bluegill, or some other baitfish, of some type of trout. The best way to know is when you're out fishing, check on the nests, see what type of fish is guarding it. Now bass are very protective of their fry and eggs, so if its bass, you will know right away. Largemouth and smallmouth usually spawn in the spring. Laregmouth start around in may up north, and its over in a few weeks. With the occasional late spawners. Smallmouth shortly after ice out, in shallow water and bays. Try to keep an eye on those nests, if you are catching bass off of them, not around them, its very possible those could be bass nests. But I'm thinking unlikely, due to bass do what they do, because of the changes in there environment. Now if you notice when you catch one around that nest, its more likely that their feeding up for winter. And to make sure their healthy for the spring spawn. I'm thinking their up there to feed one last time. Well I hope this helps you some. Hey good luck and tight lines!! If you need more help, drop me a line!!


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