I would like to replace the treble hooks w/ a single hook. What would you recommend.  I,m fishing for Canadian Northern Pike and Muskee. Brand and hook size. Using 3/4 - 1 oz.  Spoons, jerk baits, top water, and spinner baits,


Hi Dennis, How are you? Well I hope I can help! Now I'm assuming that the reason your doing this is because of the regulations on this particular body of water your fishing? I know in Canada, some areas require you to fish barbless hooks, and in some areas no treble hooks! Now for spoons, Most if not all come with a treble hook, like daredevils etc. The type of hook your going to need to use on the spoons would be a O'shaughnessy hook, heavy wire. Some good brands would be Eagle Claw "The Admiral" O'shaughnessy hook, or try Gamakatsu. These are good brands for single hooks on spoons!! Any size between 3/0 to 5/0 will work just fine, just remember the bigger the spoon the bigger the hook! Spinnerbaits already come with single hooks, but you can find trailer hooks for them. Try or for a good selection. Once again some good brands are lazer trokar, eagle claw, gamakatsu. As far as single hooks go on jerkbaits and topwater lures, I'm afraid your going to be better off with using treble hooks, if your worried about damaging the fish, and removing hooks with ease, just flatten the barbs on your hooks! Well I hope this helps, hey if you need anymore help, or have anymore questions, just drop me a line! Until then GOOD FISHING!!


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