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Am asking experts in your field this question. I have a Hurd Supercaster that was handed down to me and would like to hand it down to grandson. Question is the worm gear that runs the line feed is missing and don't know why. Is this a part that can be purchase or is it like one rod/reel collector told me to just hang it on that wall and let others view it? Don't know if it will be used in the future or displayed on the wall. Still looks pretty good and the line cork is still in one piece. Don't know the age of it but the serial # is 46012. Any help trying to find this part would be appreciated. Thank you, Harold Lyda 7000 Remington Drive Mobile, Al.  


there are two places I would check. First thru the Old Fishing Lures Collectors Club (ORCA0 at this site

Select REEL TALK to go to the bulletin board. You will need to register to post a question asking for help on parts.

The second way is to search on eBay for a reel that is in rough cosmetic condition but good working condition....make sure the seller has a good rating. You can ask seller about the function of the reel before bidding.



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