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Fishing/Pecos Bill 45 fishing pole


Hi Mr Gaither.
Ive been trying to find some information on an old fishing pole I came across and I havent had Any luck. Near the handle on the rod itself it says Pecos Bill 45.
The rod is slightly translucent/milky colored. Im guessing its a clear fiberglass reisen. I would be greatful if you could give any suggestions on where to continue searching for more info.
Thanks alot.

Craig,  I am not an expert on old fishing tackle and I do not know if I can help you or not but here is some ideas.  
First I would try to write the information on the rod to the "What's it worth" page in
Bassmaster magazine.  The address to send your info to is on the page.  The writer of this
page is an expert.  If that doesn't help try to find if there is or has been some company,
likely in Texas, by the name.  If you do not find it then try E-bay looking for "antique
fishing tackle and look through it to see if that name or the rod appears. Try a google
search for "Texas Pete fishing rods" and see if that helps.  I do not know of any other
places to look.  Sorry.

Jack L. Gaither       (JackfromSeminole)
Lake Seminole, Georgia


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PLEASE, PLEASE, READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION. THANK YOU. PLEASE, I HAVE BEEN GETTING MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANTIQUE RODS, REELS ETC. I hate to refuse questions but I really can not be of help in this. If you have an old rod, reel, lure etc. try contacting the maker if still existing or try antique fishing tackle on the web. I am genuinely sorry that I CAN NOT ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS. I have been bass, crappie, brim and catfishing for over 70 years. Most of my recent experience has been on the Apalachicola R. in Fl. panhandle, and Lake Seminole. I can answer many questions on places to go and some ideas on tactics especially for largemouth bass in these waters. I can`t tell you what fish will bite but can give some lures and methods that have worked well for me over the last 33 years in this area. I am also well versed on boating safety and small boat handling.


I am not a guide nor a writer or publisher of any magazine on fishing. All of my ideas would come from my experiences and those of fishing partners in local bass clubs in Panama City, Florida or from reading many books and magazine articles over the years.

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