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Unknown Fly Rod
Unknown Fly Rod  

Unknown Fly Rod #2
Unknown Fly Rod #2  
I recently picked up four fly rods and two reels at a garage sale and was looking for some information about them.  I have been able to identify one of them as a Garcia Conolon 2537T which I have found some info about.  There are two other rods that I am unable to ID though.  One simply has Yellowstone Imperial in script right above the handle, seems to be fiberglass.  The other rod has a little better sticker on it, but still cant find any information about it.  There was also a Royalist 370 reel with a black face, which I havent been able to find any pics of (all of the other reels have a white/ivory face).  I am just looking for information, and kind of curious if I spent my money wisely.  I do plan to fish these rods, cause I think they are great. Thank you for your time.


The Yellowstone might be Abercrombie and Fitch. I know they had split bamboo model called the Yellowstone special. That would make it a pretty good quality fiberglass rod, as is the Garcia Conolon rod.

The other rod has H-I on it. Which is Horrocks Ibbotson out of NY, one of the major rod companies in the US.  These are high volume, low cost rods.

The Royalist reel is made by Bronson out of Michigan, high volume medium to low quality fishing tackle.

hope this helps



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