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Fishing/Vom hofe split cane rod.


I have been recently given a rod i believe to be a vom hofe. It came in a rod sock that was inside and the case had the inscription EDM. Vom Hofe &co, makers N.Y.. Now most of my research has me viewing rods that are much smaller in length and also they either have a separate cork handle or a rattan wrapped handle. but they are always short in length. My rod has two tip sections and two middle sections and then the lower but section. Each section is five ft. long; when put together the rod is @ 15' long. what is missing however is a reel seat. i believe some one tried to restore the rod and took it off.I also believe the rod is for salmon, as its length is so long.  Im thinking of trying to restore the rod ( but i want to use the correct reel seat and handle)  are there any pictures of this particular rod? it is definitely a fly rod ( i Believe) because it has a stripping guide with a red stone as well as the two tips are also red stone.


Skittering, using a very long rod to dangle a lure along the surface (rather than cast) was popular in the late 1880s. A 15 ft rod would fit that length. The other possibility would be a salmon rod...but 15 ft seems on the long side.

I would check for a 2nd opinion.



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