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Hello Sir,

I recently inherited a Horrock Ibbotson that I am having a hard time identifying.

It is a 3 piece 9 ft pole with an additional tip, in a apparently cardboard tube case. It appears to be an octagonal cut bamboo or some hardwood with the white ink "The Angler" and has the bass decal with diamond mark, so I am assuming the manufacturing date would be between 1920-1929.

Can you advise anything as far as what the value of it may be or if it is considered "collectible"?

Thank You for your assistance


Horrock Ibbotson was one of the major fishing tackle makers in the first half of the 1900s.

Your rod is the most common length fly rod, which hurts it. However, it sounds like you have both tips (one was a spare). Condition will affect its value, if one of the tips is shorter..then it has been broken at one time and reglued.

They typically sell in the $50-100 range....depending on condition.

I would get a 2nd opinion at this site dedicated to bamboo rods:  


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