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QUESTION: I saw on an earlier post that you have some knowledge of steel rods.  I have one from Grandpa that I used for many years as a kid, it is missing and eye (closest one to reel)(it only has two eyes total)and I am trying to find someone that can repair it.  I would like to continue to use, but without the eye, it is useless.  The eye itself is missing, the steel support arms are still there and undamaged.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Good evening Steve,

Forgive me for the delay in answering...the Holidays. Happy new year!

There are many different makes of steel shaft rods out there from the early 1900's through the early 1950's. Most eventually were produced (or companies that produced them were bought up by) True Temper.

Is the shaft round and tapered? Is it square and tapered or perhaps both? Either way, the guides were attached either by soldering, wire wrappings and occasionally welded to the shaft. I have seen some round shafts that were actually wrapped with silk like the quality bamboo and early fiberglass rods. What method was used to attach the remaining guide on the rod?

Does the remaining guide and the tip-top have a red, white or perhaps black "glass" ring inside? If so, it is actually not glass but onyx (black or white) or garnet(red).

If you have the ability, can you take a number of HD pics, in focus, of the rod shaft, handle, guides and tip-top and forward them to me as a follow-up question?

In the meanwhile, I will call around Missouri and find a competent rod repair guy (rod smith) that will be familiar with repair of your rod. It shouldn't be too awfully difficult.

What town are you in in Missouri?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for asking!


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Many thanks for answering!!!!!

I will be forwarding the photos soon.

I live near in Dixon, MO, it is south-central MO, in-between Springfield & St. Louis, just off I-44.  I am closer to Springfield (1.25 hours) vs. St. Louis (2 hours).



Forgive me! Getting back to your question with a follow-up quite simply skipped my mind...workin' like an dog and in escrow on a new home has be all screwed up!

I have looked like crazy for someone near you to do the repair or teach you how to do it yourself...NO LUCK...that blows my mind. Most tackle shops out this way are just not shops unless they offer these services.

Have you forwarded the jpegs to me?

I'll make you a deal: If I can't guide you to get the refurbishment done, we will speak privately...and git'er done!

Hope all is well and you are not freezing or about to get flooded out!

-Mark Rimmer


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