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Hi, I will be Bass fishing April 19 2014 on lake Seminole going out from Seminole Lodge. I don't know anything about fishing lake Seminole and could use any advice you can offer me. I am willing to pay.
Thank You, James

James,  If I am correct Seminole Lodge is on The west side of the lake just north of Sneeds.  That is the Chattahoochee side of The lake and possibly the best place to fish now.  I do not think the'Hooch is as muddied as the Flint and even Spring Creek.   Also I suspect that Fish Pond Drain may be fairly clear too.  All of these are easily reachable from Seminole Lodge.  
If you can get
out at first light Or in the evening just at sundown I would run straight across following the marked channel until you get to the river channel.  Turn left (north)in the river until you come to the south end of the big island then keep right until you see a boat trail of pilings (right red left green. Follow those in to
a big area of lilly pads or bonnets.  Fish these with a popper  A buzz bait, Jig or worm or a
snag less sally  With pork frog.  These should produce dome bass.  When the sun gets high  try
going back out and try the back side of the island along and to the left of the old river channel. There are several holes here that are old riverside ponds who's banks are around 7 feet deep.  I can give you Longitude and Latitude readings if you want to call me sometime before you get here.  If you have a GPS you should be able to locate these with your depth sounder. I have never fished these particular places but they should have some good cover.  

Back toward the lodge there are several humps that may be good.  I have not fished these this far north but I have fished both ponds in other places that have produced well on humps and
underwater ponds.

Of course on a lake this size there are a million places to fish but right now that is somewhat narrowed by the muddy water.  The Flint and Spring creek are flooded and very muddy and I have not been out lately but I have always caught many good fish from Old Sem.  I love this lake and it is different almost day to day.

I am not a professional guide I have just been fishing this lake for over 20 years and I have done better here than in any other lake I have fished in about ten different states. If you would like to give me a call and would be inclined I would love to spend several hours fishing with you.  I am 81 years old but in good shape for my age. But I find it difficult to find people to go fishing with. I am just a bit leery to go alone anymore.  My phone is 229-861-2366.  If You don't get me right away try  try again.

I could write many pages but I think this will get you started.  Thanks for calling on me to answer your question.  I hope it will help you to find and catch some good bass.

Jack L. Gaither     (JackfromSeminole)
Lake Seminole, Georgia

Most of the area discussed is in the overlap for both Florida and Georgia fishing license.  

James,  I have been very ill from Thursday April 10 through Sunday April 13.  I thought I had sent this but somehow it got here.  Then I thought I had lost it but was too sick to look too hard for it.  Today is April 14 Maybe it will be too late for this to do much good.  Please call me at the number above and get a map of the lake and I will go over with you some places in addition to these places perhaps in another area such as fish pond drain or maybe Spring Creek.  I am sorry this is so late.  Also be careful to run at speed only in marked channels.
This lake can be dangerous as there are large and small areas that are flooded trees that over the years have broken off at or just under the water level at full pool. The lake is above
full pool right now and may  still be when you get here. In all non marked areas idle or
trolling motor only.



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