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I have inherited a 9 foot, 3 piece, 4 wt split bamboo rod manufactured by the Shakespeare Co probably in the 1950's.  The rod is in mint, new condition, no warping whatsoever, and the guides and guide wraps are fresh and new looking.  It has never been fished with according to the wife's owner who died recently.
The rod case indicates a number A-1362 B with the name of the rod as a Spring Book split bamboo rod.  No date is indicated, but I do a good deal of bamboo rod restoration, and I think from the painted, metal reel seat, it was manufactured in the mid to late 1950's. I appreciate your help with this.

Ron Fisher

The model 1362 was called the Springbrook by Shakespeare.  It came originally with two tip sections.  If you don't have the second tip the value will be considerably less.  According to A. J. Campbell's Classic & Antique Fly Fishing Tackle, and Michael Sinclair's Bamboo Rod restoration Handbook, early Shakespeare bamboo rods were probably produced by Montague (Ideal rods 1924-1926), the "B" models were produced by Heddon and Montague (1926-1934), and the later models were produced by South Bend, Heddon and Montague (1935-WW II), after WW II only rods made by South Bend were offered by Shakespeare.  Thanks to the work of these gentlemen, we know a great deal more than we would trying to figure this out on our own.

The model 1362 appeared in the lineup in 1936 and was near the low end and sold for $6.60 when 1942 this model had risen in price to $9.75 but it was still at the low end of the lineup.  I think that the "A" prefix on your model 1362 indicates it was built after WW II and that it was built by South Bend for Shakespeare.  This could be wrong, but the only place I see the prefix "A" is in post-WW II lists of Shakespeare rod models.  This would put your rod date of manufacture in the late 1940s to early 1950s time frame.  The red liner on the stripper guide is probably agatine (synthetic agate) rather than a real agate is not glass.

Shakespeare bamboo rods form this time period are generally considered entry level collector rods and are not highly valued, but they do have collector value.  The A-1362 in 9'0" with both tips and the original bag and tube (if it came with these) would be valued in the $100-$150 range depending on condition.  If your rod has only one tip, that value would drop to more like the $60-$80 range.  Realistically, due to the entry level quality of these rods, the sale price you might receive could be lower than the book values.

You may wish to keep the rod as is for the future, or you may wish to use the rod.  I don't think the collector value is going to skyrocket on these anytime soon so using it would be fine.  Make sure the wraps are good and the ferrules fit snug and the glue holding them to the shaft is still solid before using it.  Otherwise, it will probably be fun to fish with.

History :

Price Book:
Antique & Collectible  Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide Homel, Dan. 1997 (2nd edition 2000) add about 30% for age of book.
Homel gives the Shakespeare 9' model 1362 "Springbrook" fly rod (3/2) with an extra tip, 3 sections the  value of  $20, 65 and $115 for poor, good, excellent condition respectively.          
Not the worst bamboo fly rod but not considered to be a good rod either.
Homel seems high but check ebay.


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Antique & Collectable Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide Homel, Dan. 1997
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