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Fishing/true temper gold 63L unispin


Could you tell me what year this rod and reel combo was made and what pound line should I use ?

Hello Keith and thanks for asking...

The Unispin was produced by True Temper of Cleveland Ohio and for its time, was pretty cutting edge...They touted letting "Science" improve your would have been more accurate.

The reel was sold as a system/combo with the rod. The reel is integrated into the rod handle and the release button used to control the line and release the reel for casting, passed through the rod and into the reel. It is now known by most tackle enthusiasts as an "underspin". This was a unique combination of a closed faced spinning reel that was positioned under the rod that had the release of a closed faced casting reel (push button). The guides, as you may have noticed, are just a bit smaller than other spinning rods of it's size but are positioned in the same way. I'm certain that some anglers liked the one step approach to casting this rod and reel when compared to a spinning rod and reel. Just grip the rod, push and hold the button, then cast as you would a spinner. No bale flipping or grabbing and releasing the line...

While I'm uncertain of the actual start and stop of the production of the system by True Temper (formerly Bronson Tackle Company) they were quite common in the mid to late 1960's and I seem to recall them still being available in the early 1970's, available in both left retrieve and right.

Your combo should work very well with 6 to 12 lb monofilament but be certain to thoroughly clean and lubricate the reel before you use her. Place special emphasis on the drag system so you will be able to take full advantage of any line you choose to place on it. I WOULD NOT recommend any of the braids. I am certain they will damage or destroy the line pick-up in the reel.

When I owned my tackle shop, I had the opportunity to sell (used) and repair a few Unispins and have cast them a number of times with a practice plug. I never considered fishing the rod/reel combo because I found it to be a bit too heavy and cumbersome. Honestly, while I'm certain many fish were taken on them, I still feel they were more of a novelty item.

Fortunately, if you decide to keep it as a collectable, many are available on ebay in various states of condition and you'll be able to obtain parts from older, more beat-up reels if necessary.

So Keith, I hope this helps a bit.

Thanks very much for the question.

Get out and go fishing!

- Mark Rimmer  


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