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I have two handles, and two chromed rods. Both handles are Bakelite, one is blue with white trim, the other is green with white trim. Both handles come with a chromed rod. Both handles and rods are in excellent condition showing little wear and no corrosion at all. Along with these two rods I have two Shakespeare reels. (1). TRIUMPH Level Winding Reel with Bakelite marbled handles, and an accent ring also made of Bakelite. Model GE Circa 1958, It also has two cork reel spacers. (2). WONDEREEL Level Winding Reel with Bakelite marbled handles. Model GE Circa 1929. It also has two cork spacers. Both reels are in excellent condition showing some minor scratches, but no corrosion at all. Rarity, and value if any?


First the fishing reels

1958 and 1929 are the model numbers, "GE" is the year code, G 194x, E is 6, so both were produced in 1946. They are both high volume low cost reels, so they typically sell in the $5 to $15 range. More if you have the original box, instructions etc.

The two rods are more collectible

Orchard industries, Detroit, started producing rods in 1949 and into at least the 1950s. I would estimate the rod value at 50-100 range. Precise condition is important to the value, drops off quickly with wear, discoloration to bakelite.



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