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I have several bamboo rods that I am trying to identify and value.  
The first rod has black and red markings, with "MC" engraved on the handle intertwined.  The handle is 14" long and 1" in diameter above the cork. All three additional sections are 25" in length for a total of 89" total in length. Weighs approx 7.33 oz total.
The second rod has red, green and black markings. There are the words "JAPAN" engraved on the second section. The handle has a thumb rest on the cork.  Handle is 11" in length, 1st section (with JAPAN) is 19", 2nd section is 31", and the third is 31.5" in length, for a grand total of 92.5".  The handle is 1" in diameter above the cork.  There is a second set of sections that fit this handle, they have yellow, black and red markings. The first section is 23" long and has "FCA Fishing Club of America 50 West 57th Street, NY 19, NY" marked on it.  The second section is 32.5" and is an end.
Then, I have 3 sections with black and yellow markings. One is 32.5" and connects to one of two sections with are 32" and 32.5" respectively.
There is a wooden case as well, no markings, 34"x 6.25"x 4".
Any information regarding these rods would be appreciated.


I would recommend posting photos of the full reel seat and handle for each rod on this site

you will need to register first to post on the site.

The Japan rod was made in Japan after World War II. It is an occupied Japan of the industries started after WWII to get the Japan economy started. They came in a wooden box with fly line, etc. US Serviceman brought them home. Generally they are in the $40-100 range.

I would recommend the site above for the rod marked MC, and photos of the Japanese rod to get a better estimate.  


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