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Fishing/Bronson 63 issue


QUESTION: I have 2 reels. One is Bronson 63 and the other a Tru Tempur 63 and they look identical. Both have the same problem. When I release the button on the rod, the line does not release.
I am not sure if I put it back together incorrectly or that both reels need a part replaced. Seems unlikely the same part would go bad in both reels but maybe.
Can you offer any suggestions? I noticed you did some reel repair in the past.

ANSWER: High Jim...good question.

The reel is known as the is in a small group of reels known as under-spins.

In actuality, the reel works just like other closed faced reels. You push the button on the handle, it cantilevers an armature to the spool or bobbin, pinches the line against the spool cover and simultaneously one or two line catching pins retract into the spool and stay there until you cast and or release the button and turn the reel handle. They then engage the line (as long as it is under a small amount of tension) and guide it back onto the reel spool.

First, try to pinch the line with two fingers to create some tension...perhaps gently pulling line from the reel as you turn and then attempt to reel in the line. If that fails, open the spool cover and watch closely as you push the button to see if the pick-up pin or pins retract, then pop back out again when you turn the crank. If this fails, I'd have to see the reel to diagnose her. The pick-ups or their springs may be stuck or broken. (WD40 works great to break up old grease and grime).

If you do need to get her fixed, any reputable shop should offer reel repair and I believe Bass Pro Shops may be able to assist with the vintage reel you own.

I hope that helps a bit. If not, feel free to send me a follow-up or new question...I'll help any way I can!

Thanks for the great question-


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: After receiving your answer I took a closer look. The line retrieves fine during cranking, the problem is that when the button is released, the pick up pins do not retract. If I pull the spool towards the tip of the rod, the pins do indeed retract but this does not happen without me physically putting forward pressure on the spool. Seems that when the button is pressed it pushes the pickup spool forward but either not enough or something is preventing the spool from locking in place so the pins can retract when the button is released.
Anyway, thanks for your suggestions. I will attempt to clean it all up to remove grime and if that fails will take to Bass Pro for potential repair.
Thanks for your assistance.


It does indeed sound like it is simply gummed up. I think once you give her a good cleaning, the pick up pins will stay retracted when the lever is depressed with the reel fully assembled.

WD40 will clean very well and if in a flowing state on the parts, you can rinse them clean with warm water. WD40 will also remove any "good" lubrication so be certain to use a good lube like Tri-Flow or Break Free (Both are TFE lubes)after cleaning with the WD40.

Glad to be of service.



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