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Is it ok to put 50lb line on a 25lb reel and what's the consequence

Hello Chris, thanks for the question.

The truth be told, you CAN put any size line on any size reel. The question, as you asked is what are the consequences?

With every fishing reel, no matter what the style, it boils down to these basic considerations:

-Size of the storage...the spool: Is it deep or shallow? The yardage will have a huge effect on
the distance you can cast and the distance a large fish can run.

-Strength of the reel parts...You might easily be able to create forces like torque that can twist or break metal (many less expensive reels are made of low strength alloys, even what some call "pot" metal or cast zinc). Plastic spools are notorious for breaking while either having line pulled of with high force or more commonly, after the line is reeled back onto the spool under tension and then as the now tightly wound line relaxes, it expands (mainly monofilament)and POP!, there goes the spool. I have even had saltwater reels, like the Penn Jigmaster 500L, which holds about 500 yards of twenty pound test mono go cablooey after a nice fight with a big blue shark.

-The Drag system...The drag, as you may well know is the ability of the reel to regulate the tension needed to pull line from the spool. This setting is to be adjusted so that a fish that is stronger or heavier, (able to put more pressure on the line than it's strength rating). Many large saltwater reels can attain drag pressures of thirty to forty of more pounds. At these high drag settings, many anglers cannot even hold the rod and reel without giving up and laying the rod on the boat rail. If your fish is capable of pulling line off the reel with the drag fully tightened or "buttoned down"...get a bigger reel!

So with the newest spectra and "super" fiber, multi-stranded lines like Spider Wire etc, you can easily put a manageable number of yards on your reel but the drag system may not EVER be able to take full advantage of the line's strength. But most anglers are using the super thin, super strong lines for practical reasons like being able to pull a bass through heavy vegetation or wrangle a snapper out of the pilings on a pier or a mass of mangrove roots.

So, yes, you can certainly use Fifty pound-test line on a reel that is rated to a max of twenty-five pound-test...I do so on one of my flippin' reels (an older ABU 521XLT plus) that has some great, smooth drag strength). But if your reel can't take the pressure or the heat of a big fish, it just won't hold up.

So there you have it. I hope I've answered the question for you Chris.

Best of luck next time you're out stroking fish! Remember, it's always better to be lucky than skillful...I'll take lucky any ol' day!

-Mark Rimmer


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