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QUESTION: Dear Jack, I read your very informative answer on crappie fishing Lake Seminole posted back in 2011. I am staying in Lake Seminole State park for three days in January 19' 20, 21 2016 and want to do some crappie fishing as well as bass fishing. Any updates or revisions to your 2011 advice? I will be using my 17' Bass Tracker and fishing my wife and sister- in- law. I plan on getting minnows at West Side Bait and tackle on my way from Tallahassee to the park. Any other places to get minnows nearer the park. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Lee

ANSWER: Hi Lee; I just recently wrote on crappie fishing with some of the places I have found crappie.
How good the fishing will be on January 19through 21 I can't guess.  But I have caught crappie
at that time of year. It all depends on the weather.  

The State Park is about five miles West of  where I live which is on Spring Creek Drive  Not
Spring Creek Road or 253. Most of my fishing for both bass and crappie has been done right
in front of my house or half mile either way.  This area has been the best for bass and crappie
in the lake as far as I am concerned.  I know there are good spots in the main lake and up
the 'hooch but I have seldom been defeated fishing right here in the Spring Creek arm of the

I do not know exactly where the landing for the State Park is located but I would suggest
that if you want to fish the Spring Creek arm the best place is Spring Creek park landing
aka Reynolds landing. Look for the sign for Big Jim 's place. The road is still listed as
Reynold's Landing road.  I suggest you try this area at least one time during the three
days. Since it is cheaper to pull a boat on a trailer than to go by water all the way
around from the State Park. There is a brand new landing at the end of Reynold's landing

I am not sure any more where  you can get minnows.  Parkside store used to sell them but
it is now owned by a new owner and they have changed things around a lot.  There is a
store a mile south west of Parkside that used to have live bait but I am not certain
about it any more either.  I know Land's End Marina has them.  It is at the end of 253.
on down the road from the State park. It is something like three miles from the State
Park entrance.  That would likely be the closest to you. There used to be several places
but I guess it doesn't pay well anymore.

I would suggest that you try an ultralite spinner ourfit and use tiny jigs.  Of course
you may have a big bass grab a jig don't go too light.  I always used six pound line
for my crappie fishing.  I would hunt crappie with minnows until I found them in water
where I could use a pair of jigs. Often they would grab a jig when they wouldn't touch
a minnow.  

Without going over all the places to fish for crappie  which were likely included in
my 2011 answer to someone I can't think of much more to tell you. I am assuming you
are from Tallahassee since you mention coming from there.  You likely know the lake
pretty well.  If not look for my recent message where I give several specific places
that I have found crappie.  Most of my answers have concerned bass rather than crappie
but many of the places I have suggested for bass also are often good for crappie.

I live here on the lake and would be glad to sit down with you and show you on a map
of the lake. My phone number is 229-861-2366 or cell. 229-309-9134.  Give me a call
if you would like to do that.  

I hope this will be of some help. If you have read my other posts you should find some
fish.  I hope you catch limits of crappie and a few bass.
Thank you for calling on me to answer your question

Jack L. Gaither         JackfromSeminole

Lake Selminole, Georgia.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It would be great to sit down with you and have you point out some likely spots on my chart. I love staying at the park and have been there six times over the years. I have never done well fishing there. One time we were in a cabin next to some tournament anglers from South Carolina who also did poorly. A front had just passed through which never seems good. I am looking forward to another visit to your piece of paradise and will call prior to our visit and arrange a rendezvous at your convenience. I'm a retired real estate lawyer now a part time greeter at our Bass Pro Shops, which is a fun job. Thanks again for your kind offer,  I'll be in touch, Lee

Lee,  I would more than  welcome sitting down with you and your chart and show you places where
I have had success with both crappie and bass.  I do not know what date you will be here this
year but when you start out give me a call letting me know when you will be here.  My phone
number is 229-861-2366.  I am recovering from an auto accident so most of the time I will be
here. I do have a Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon 3:00pm.  Hope be home by 8:pm as have to    
do shopping.  About out of groceries.  I can't drive so my son will be driving for me.

Welcome to my home after Dr. office ans shopping or another day.

Jack L. Gaither       JackfromSeminole

Lake Seminole, Georgia  


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