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I picked up this fly rod from a pawn shop in south Florida.   After doing some searching online I came across your website.  I'm just trying to find whatever info possible about this rod.

It is a 3 piece rod with 2 tip sections.  It came with a gray rod sock, but no tube. The only markings I can find on the rod are the manufacturer info and the patent info.  It also has what appears to be a ruler around the base of the rod by the hook keeper.   

9' long.  3 peace with extra tip section.

Pat. Apr. 12.1938
Pat. No. 2.114.107
Made by Goodwin granger company

It also has light yellow thread, and metal Ferrules.

Anything you can tell me about this would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.



Goodwin Granger was a famous rod builder out of Colorado. He started around 1917/18, started a company that made quality rods until the company was sold to Wright & Mcgill in 1946, they continued to use the name into the 50s.

Your rod is the most common length, if both tips are the same length then neither has be broken and re tipped. The next part is figuring out the model. Is it marked on the bamboo near the handle? also, hard to tell if the rod has been restored, or is original.

Your rod is collectible..but need more information to determine value.

I recommend the appraisal forum here:

You will need to register first, then post photos for further identification.



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