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Hello. I live in England UK. Could you give new some idea of how long reel line will last before it needs changing. I typically only go fishing about 8 times a year so it physically doesn't get a lot of use but it must degrade in time whether used or not. My type of fishing is coarse for carp bream and tench etc. Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the question. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner as it been very busy here at work. Typically, at bare minimum, you want to change your fishing line once every season. Even if it doesn't get much action. Lines like monofilament get line memory and can make for a nightmare when casting. Same with certain types of florocarbon. Braided lines typically have a better shelf life. As they don't rot and fray to to weather exposure like the fore mentioned. Monofilament I would replace and spool up fresh line every new season. Same goes for florocarbon. Braid you could go every other season and be ok due to you not fishing much per season. Remember storing rods with line outside has the potential to speed up line decaying from different weather conditions. So if you don't already, it's a good idea to store rods inside. I hope I was some help. If you need anything else please feel free to shoot me a question. Take care and good fishing!


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