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Hi, I was fishing in a large pond in Florida and some huge fish snapped my line. It was a 15 pound test line and I can't imagine what snapped the line clean. All I can say is that it has a lot of power. The only big fishes I have caught in this pond are the bass and (I believe) the one catfish in the pond. I know for sure it was not a catfish because it breached the water, and i could not tell what it was because the water was all around it. Unless it is a 20-30 pound bass... I don't know what is is.

Tate,  I thought I had answered your question but apparently it did not get sent.  My guess is
that your mystery fish may be a large pickerel.  There in Florida lakes and ponds they grow
big and fight hard.  I have caught them to be 7 or 8 pounds and they pull like a big bass but
do not last very long.  One big pull or so then they give up. About the only other thing I
could think of is a large carp. Now and then they will bite on a lure like a bass.  A carp
might be as big as 30-40 pounds and would likely come up and boil on the surface just under
the water.  It is unusual for carp to bite a lure like this but I have had it happen a couple
of times in my life of fishing.  If it was a pickerel the chances are it cut your line rather
then broke it.  Any of these kinds of fish,  Pike, Muskie and Pickerel have very sharp teeth.
When fishing for them up north as in Wisconsin or Minnesota we always use a steel leader at
least six inches long to prevent them getting their teeth on our line. I have had them cut
my line when I was fishing for bass where one cannot use a leader because the bass can see
the leader and won't bite.

I hope this has been some help.  I cannot be certain about your big fish but my experience
indicates what I have just said is as near as I can come.

Thank you for calling on me to answer your question.  Maybe someone else can do better than I.

Jack L. Gaither          JackfromSeminole
Lake Seminole, Georgia.


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PLEASE, PLEASE, READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION. THANK YOU. PLEASE, I HAVE BEEN GETTING MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANTIQUE RODS, REELS ETC. I hate to refuse questions but I really can not be of help in this. If you have an old rod, reel, lure etc. try contacting the maker if still existing or try antique fishing tackle on the web. I am genuinely sorry that I CAN NOT ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS. I have been bass, crappie, brim and catfishing for over 70 years. Most of my recent experience has been on the Apalachicola R. in Fl. panhandle, and Lake Seminole. I can answer many questions on places to go and some ideas on tactics especially for largemouth bass in these waters. I can`t tell you what fish will bite but can give some lures and methods that have worked well for me over the last 33 years in this area. I am also well versed on boating safety and small boat handling.


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