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I have an Exerputic 400 foldablesemi incumbent bicycle.I was never the best in math (I'm long past high school) but when my bike says 1.1, that means 1 and 1/10 miles, is that right?
and if it says 3.0, that's 3 miles, right?

I''m just making sure I'm reading it right, because its so easy! If I go biking (manual) with my daughter, I can't get around the block because my knees just want to fall off. That's because I'm not used to the exercise. But this Exerputic doesn't bothr my legs at all. I did 3.0 last night. I do it every day. So am I reading it right? Why is it easier than using a regualar bike?

You are reading it correctly.  The reason you are able to do it with so much ease is because of the resistance setting you have it on.  Outside riding a bike is a whole lot more difficult because of the amount of energy it takes to ride a bike.  Also the elements and up hill are other factors.  You might try increasing the resistance level or trying a different program on the bike for more of a challenge.  I hope this will help shed some light on this subject.  Thanks, Sportsmithtech

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