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QUESTION: My wife plugged our NordickTrack Audiostrider 600 Elliptical into a wall socket using a "spare" cord that happened to be lying around one day.  It fried the console and the resistance has been set to "difficult" for quite awhile now.  As a surprise, I purchased a used console on eBay and installed it.  Everything on the console lights up, the programs work, but it still will not change the resistance.  I am wondering if I should try changing out the motor next or the wiring harnesses.  I'm not sure what else it fried, but the thing is in pieces on my floor now.  Thanks!

ANSWER: If you have a multi-meter you can check for continuity on the wire harnesses. The most mostly likely item to burn from over-voltage is probably the motor though. I've linked to a list of different versions of that machine. You should be able to find your specific model number and take a look at an exploded diagram to see if there are other electronics on that machine, but most of these machines have simple electronics with no lower control board, only a display and a tension motor in the bottom.

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QUESTION: I did the 9V test and the motor spins fine (so does the brand new one I had purchased before researching how to test it)  Tested all the harnesses' continuity with a multimeter and they are fine.  Hook it all together and nothing.  Touched the multimeter leads to the blue and yellow wires while toggling the resistance up down and reads nothing.

Just wondering how it could be the console's board when everything else on it works... the numbers light up, the programs run, the fan spins.  My old console went black when it fried and that's how I knew it was done for.  Anything else it could be?  Thanks for the help!

If the rest of the components are functioning properly, then your display is the likely issue. There could be an issue with the physical buttons on the touch pad or it could be something wrong with the PCB. Hard to tell, and since you can't get them separately it doesn't matter a whole lot, you troubleshoot to the bad component using deductive reasoning and then replace the bad component, which seems to the the display console in this case.

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