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My wife plugged our NordickTrack Audiostrider 600 Elliptical into a wall socket using a "spare" cord in the house.  It fried the console and the resistance has been set to "too hard" for awhile now.  As a surprise, I purchased a used console on eBay and installed it.  Everything on the console lights up, the programs work, but it still will not change the resistance.  Should I try changing out the motor next or the wiring harnesses?  I'm not sure what else it fried, but the thing is in pieces on my floor now I want to keep my costs at minimum if possible.  Thanks!

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Ok a way to chech the resistance motor is to have a 9V battery and disconnect the leads from the controller board touch the leads 1 lead - and 1 lead + (doesnt matter which one)if it moves great now swith the leads around should move oppisite way if it does replug the wires and try it again if it still doesmt work I am 100% positive your controller board is bad (short circuits very easy) and with it zapping the console I wouldnt be sure it followed suit..I hope this Helps You Steve Buckley,CEO of Buckman Fitness Service and

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