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Tired of using up batteries one day my wife plugged our NordickTrack Audiostrider 600 Elliptical into a wall socket using a "spare" cord that happened to be lying around.  It fried the console and the resistance has been set to "way hard" for quite awhile now.  As a surprise, I purchased a used console on eBay and installed it.  Everything on the console lights up, the programs work, but it still will not change the resistance.  I am wondering if I should try changing out the motor next or the wiring harnesses.  I'm not sure what else it fried and I'm no expert, but the thing is in pieces on my floor now I want to keep my costs at minimum if possible.  Thanks!

There is no telling exactly what all was fried, but you can check the harness for shorts using a multimeter.  Check continuity to make sure there are no shorts in the harness.  Also check cross continuity to make sure there are no shorts across any of the pins.  If this checks out then I would move onto replacing the other components.  Thanks, Sportsmithtech

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