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Hi - I have the subject line eliptical and recently the resistance would no longer increase and I noticed a slight cracking sound that I originally thought was a bad/broken speaker.  I removed the rear crank arms, disc, disc covers, and right/left side shields and it appeared the Eddy Motor was siezed as it would not move when I changed the resistance settings.  I gently tapped the motor and that freeded the motor so now it in rotates both directions, which moves what looks like magnets closer together (less resistance) or father apart (more resistance).  In doing this I noted at the lower resistance settings (~6 and below), once the motor rotates and stops, after a few seconds it will try and rotate a half degree or so toward less tension.  This sporadic rotation (without changing the resistance setting) is what is casusing the sound that I compared to a bad speaker.  I am not extremely mechanically inclined but I believe the motor is failing, and thus as it starts to slip in the direction of more tension, a signal is generated to rotate again to the desired resistance setting.  Does this sound correct?  Is replacing the eddy motor easy?  If I do, do I need to calibrate the machine so the new motor 'knows' how much tension to apply for each setting?  Or is there a self-calibration the machine performs when initially plugged in?  Do you have instructions for replacing the eddy motor?  Finally, if you do not think the eddy motor is the problem, is there some other part I should test?  If so, any recommendations which one and how?  Thanks for your help!  Sincerely, Shelby

Have You done some pricing on the eddy system cause it is not a cheap part to replace. but your diagnosis is correct with replacing the eddy system that is the issue. I think you will find that maybe getting a new elliptical over paying $553.77 you can get a horizon elliptical with a warranty for around the same price.and is a wonderful machine. but is is easy to swap out the eddy system if that is your preference just get the new one and couple of screws and unplugging a couple of wires and just replace and here is a link to recalibrate the elliptical
go to this site for a close up manual to swap eddy.If you need anything else just ask. Thanks Buckman fitness..Steve

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