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Hi there,
We just bought a used Precor EFX 5.17. Everything seems to be working nicely except there is a squeaky rubber creaking sort of noise that seems to be coming from the right side rail wheel. The sound only happens when you are placing your weight like you normally would using the equipment. If I intentionally lift my weight off the right leg while doing a workout the sound goes away. The sound does not happen at all if you just move the pedals with no weight on them.
Thanks for any advice you can give.

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OK I know what your talking about the precors are known to have the rubber wheel and the metal ramp squeek my best suggestion is to wipe down the ramp and wheel with windex. now let it dry and spray a silicone spray on the track and wipe, the noise should disappear if the wheel persist than i would suggest replacing the wheel it is also known to go bad as well There not cheap like 60 bucks each.. Thanks Steve Buckley Buckman Fitness Service and Parts.

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