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Model# RBEL59907.0
s/n: V34C30262

This elliptical began making a whirring and clicking sound from the front behind the side panels.  It was used yesterday and at some point during the night it started making this noise which we found in the morning.
It sounds like something is trying to move or calibrate and then there is a click/shudder like it slipped passed and then tries again.  No errors on the console and the elliptical registers rpm's when moved.  The ramp incline seems to work but I wasn't standing on it while moving it.  The resistance doesn't feel quit right and doesn't seem to change when adjusted.
I'm going to pull the side panels off and take a look but didn't want to just start guessing if it isn't too obvious.  Any help is appreciated!

1st Unplug your machine. I am sure the problem is the resistance motor. it is trying to continue to tighten but it is at its end and keeps popping trying to tighten. what you need to do if you have it apart it to disconnect the wire going from the clicking sound (Resistance motor) to the control board which is the little green board just follow the wire from the Resistance motor to the board and un plug now check the elliptical to see if everything except the resistance is working You need to check and see if it became disconnected or not you may need to disconnect the cable to check. now there is a slight possibility if other things aren't working as well the Control board could be the culprit causing the R M to malfunction its one of the 2 100% positive on my answer.. I hope this helps you..Steve

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