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I have a Tectrix stair machine.  The buttons on the electrical panel have stopped working.  The machine powers on ok - lights are flashing and everything - but when I press the "buttons" on the electrical panel, nothing happens.  So, I can select the working, or enter the time or my weight.  Does the panel need replacement, can I do this, and how much would one cost?  Thanks.

Ok there is a few questions that need to be answered here first off the odds of every single button going bad is slim to none. If the console is powering up but is not responding to the buttons something tells me it has something to do with the reed switch Which in most cases just needs the eye to be cleaned off dust build up can cause it to not read the movement of the machine. And without knowing exactly which machine it is i can not tell you where that reed switch is located but it is under the cover where you are stepping on.and there will be two thin black wires running from it to the control board. I hope this helps you. my best advice is to get the service manual they need model and serial number to get you the right one which is what i needed to help you better... Steve, Buckman fitness service and parts.

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