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Somehow, the shock bar came loose from under the belt.  Now I cant put it back on - I can see how it works and see that it screws intot he bottom piece, but then it ataully appears too long to conenct to the upper portion - since it's a SHOCK, shouldnt it conpress?  I need my shock bar back on becasue when I run without it, the whole readmill shakes pretty bad and feels unstable

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I totally understand what you are talking about, you need to plug it in and either incline or decline the tread, plus you need to have it folded up to get those screws in. just do a little manuvering and you will get the shocK doesnt compress it expands if that makes any sense. But do what i said with incile/decline and you will solve it..Steve Buckley, Buckman Fitness Service and Parts 720-746-9175

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