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QUESTION: I found replacement wheels for my old Fast Trak thanks. To this site, but now I'm left trying to find the 7/16 spacers for them. Would any hardware store have them or do I need to order them via snail mail?

ANSWER: Yes save your time and money and go to any hardware store and get the spacers around $2 for all of them... Thanks Steve

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Kampart Wheel
Kampart Wheel  
QUESTION: The spacers from the original unit nor new ones fit inside the Kampart wheels everyone else ordered. What understanding am I missing? Do I have to punch out the inner ring on the wheels to make the spacers fit inside?

the spacers you ordered are for the old wheels (I think) cause the ones you need slide in snug you should not have to force these in go to your hardware store with the wheel and let the person working there help you out to find what you are needing. I hope this helps please keep me informede so i can relate to anyone else with the same issues.. Thanks Steve

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