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I recently purchased a slightly used cx998 eliptical. I noticed the resistance wouldnt change
I called customer service and they sold me a resistance motor. It came in I installed it
And it still didnt work, so I called them back they sold me upper and lower wiring harnesses
because my console showed the numbers changing when appropriate ones were pushed.
After installing them the resistance motor still doesnt work. What can I do next or how can I tell
if the new motor even works i am very disappointed with this product and the crappy
customer service of nordic track not to mention almost 250.00 of worthless parts they sold me


Hi Karl,
   I hear of your experience a lot dealing with Icon (Nordictrack, Proform , Reebok, Etc..) The people who answer the phone are not true technicians they are reading from a book...

Now If you would have talked to a real technician like myself we could of eliminated a few things before you ordered the wrong parts.. from my exp. I believe your control board is bad to eliminate the motor you received and the one you replaced.

Take a 9v battery and use 2 paper clips stick one in the 1 side of the clip on the motor and another on the other side (basically to have two prongs to touch the 9 volt battery with) by touching them if it moves its good by switching the prongs it should move the other way..

Now if you know how to read a meter you can make sure it is the motor control board but I am 99% positive since you have replaced the console wire and i doubt both wires are bad so thats eliminated but you can check the continuity on the wires just in case but By exp its the control board.

PS.. Return the parts you bought from Nordictrack pay the restocking fee
and if you buy the control board from me and its not the right part i will give you 100% money back minus shipping if wrong part Nordictrack dont offer that..

part  # 158800 We sell it for $85.. Free shipping 720-746-9175 lowest prices for fitness parts on the web.. Buckman Fitness Service and Parts..

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