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I just bought a Lifecycle 9500HR from a couple that had a cat and I wanted to check it and clean out the cat fur before bringing it in the house.  My question is, how do I remove the plastic body parts to vacuum or wipe the inside of the bike?  I have removed the upper pieces below handlebars and below the seat and all screws in the body.  Now, how do I remove the body parts from the bike?  Do I have to remove the peddles?  If so, is that an easy thing to do?  I believe the bike has some cat fur that is keeping the bike from peddling smoothly and could be easily corrected if I could get to the insides.  As a follow up, the bike has not been used for a while, is there anything that I should check or oil while the bike is opened up.  Please be as detailed as possible in your step by step instructions.  Thank you.

I can only partially answer your question, so I will start with the part I can answer. If the bike has not been ridden for a while, it will likely need a new battery. There is a lead-acid rechargeable battery in the bike similar in function to what is in a car. These batteries go bad if the charge drops too low. Depending on the version of the bike you have you will need one of the two following batteries.
The link above will take you to a list of equipment. the LC-9500 bikes have been made by Life Fitness for over 20 years and the design has changed several times. The version of bike you have will determine how the covers come off. In some cases the pedals or crank arms must be removed. If the pedals need to be removed the right side pedal is rotated counter-clockwise to remove and the left side pedal is rotated clockwise to remove.

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