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Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.  I have a NordicTrack Eliptical 1300 NTEL16907.  After many years of faithful service, the belt needed to be replaced.  I recieved the new belt and verified it was the correct size.  

I made sure the tension pully was really lose.  As I put the belt on, it was next to impossible to get on. (Possibly issue number 1).  I managed to get the belt on but, it is super tight.  So tight the tension pully cant be adjusted.

As I checked the smoothness of the new belt, there is alot of resistance and slippage if you really press hard on the peddles.

I think the best question to ask is this:  Should I disregard the instructions about removing the screws for the tensioner and moving it so there is more play when the screws are loose?  At it is, there is only 1/2 inch or less of play.  Or do you recommend looking at something else?

Thank you for your input!

Unfortunately we work on so many different machines that it is difficult to know specifically how to repair a particular machine without being on site. A slipping belt indites that it is lose and needs to be tighter, even if it feels like the belt is already too tight to go on.

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