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I have a Proform XT70 treadmil, model PFTL05099.1, and it will stop working after about 35 to 45 minutes. Electronics will shutdown. I called Proform and they had me check the controller board, which they said was fine. They said that the problem was with the control panel. At almost $300 I'm not ready to spend and I wanted to get another opinion.
I ran the treadmill last night with no one on it and it ran fine for 90 minutes before I turned it off. I have checked the belt to try and ensure it is properly tightened.

Please let me know what you think.


The link above will take you to a part list for your machine. The fact that it runs for longer without being loaded is an indication of a part that is wearing out. The most likely cause is a worn treadbelt and deck and is wearing out and after some use creates too much current draw on the electronics of the machine at which point it shuts off. The other possible cause is a motor control board that is weak and failing after some usage. There are a couple of other less likely causes such as a worn circuit breaker, drive belt, rollers, or some other part this is physically binding and causing the electronics to work harder to turn the treadbelt.

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