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QUESTION: What is causing my treadmill to trip circuit breaker when treadmill is plugged in and before the key switch is inserted?   

I have  Pro-Form 650E model 831.29606.0 serial # T54148515.  It trips the circuit breaker when receiving power without the key being put in place.  When power is connected, the belt runs for a second and the breaker trips before key is inserted.  I disconnected the power to the motor and everything seems to work on the display and no loss of power.  The M-2100 Motor Controller LED stays on and does not blink.

ANSWER: There is a good chance that the motor control board is bad on that machine. You could have a short somewhere else in the machine like the display that could cause the problem, but a motor control board is the most likely cause. The link below will take you to a part list for your machine.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response.  I have another question?

Currently this treadmill is in our garage and the temperature can be in the mid 40's F in the winter time. Is this hard on the treadmill?

ANSWER: The temperature shouldn't be a big problem, however dirt is not good for treadmills. Specifically, dirt can get under the treadbelt and act as sand paper between the treadbelt and deck, quickly wearing out the treadbelt and deck. If not caught early enough, a worn belt and deck will cause other components to fail, usually the motor control board.

If you keep the treadmill in the garage, I would clean it regularly and lubricate it with treadbelt lubricant at least quarterly. Here is a link to our lube kit:

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QUESTION: OK.  I replaced the motor control, cleaned and lubed the belt and deck.  The motor speed runs inconsistent  and will speed up and slow down when set to speed more than 1 mph.  Also it can not take any load.  It will stop if I try to walk on when set to any speed.  I adjusted the walking belt looser even too loose and the motor still can not maintain any speed and stops.  The motor control LED flashes very fast when speed is set even at 1 mph.  The walking belt does not move easily when Treadmill is turned off.  Is problem the belt or motor.  Did the old Motor Control damage the motor? or Did motor damage the Motor Control?

A bad motor or treadbelt/deck can damage a motor control board. A bad controller won't usually damage a motor though. You may have a weak drive motor, but before you replace that, confirm that calibrated the new motor control board. For instructions on calibration, watch the calibration video linked with the controller for your machine here:

If you need the drive motor the part is linked to here:

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