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I replace the MC2100-12A Motor Control on a Pro-Form 650E no.831.29606.0 Treadmill I got from FRP.  While doing calibration, the speed reaches 18.2 mph.  Adjusting the potentiometer ( to left) does not make any change in the speed.  It still clocks 18.2 mph.  Is there a problem with the Motor control?

18mph seems beyond what the board is capable of. You may have the display in metric mode, which would mean it is reading in kilometers per hour. 18kph is about 11mph. Unsure if your machine is a 10 or 12 mph machine, but that would be close to either of those two configurations.
I'm unsure of the exact way to set metric vs English in that display, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and have them walk you through how to change that.

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