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QUESTION: Hello, my x6150 runs for 5 mins then resets to zero time. during this use time I get no speed readout or calories burned. I removed the side panel and powered down the pc board that is mounted next to the flywheel. This worked for a time then it started resetting after 5 mins again. Always exactly 5 mins like the machine thinks its sitting idle.Not sure where the problem may be or where to obtain parts. Any help greatly appreciated

ANSWER: Your machine is likely not "seeing" that you are on the machine using it. The way the machine detects usage is via a speed sensor. Here is a link to an exploded diagram of your machine.
P01 on that diagram is the speed sensor and there should be a corresponding magnet that passes by this speed sensor with every revolution of the pedal arms. There should be space enough between the magnet and the speed sensor for 2-4 business cards to fit and that is about it. If that looks good, then you may have a faulty speed sensor, or a bad lower or upper board causing it not to pick up the speed sensor signal properly.

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QUESTION: Thank You for the reply. Now how do I determine if the problem is the lower board or the upper board? Previously I tested the wire from the speed sensor with a voltmeter . I was getting an output from the sensor to the board so  I'm assuming the sensor is working . Approx 5v signal ... Which board controls the rpm signal to the display?? Thanks Jeremy looking forward to your response....  You guys are awesome...Kevin

If the speed sensor is properly picking up, you should see an alternation between 0VDC and 5VDC as a magnet passes by the sensor. If you do not see this alternation then the sensor is either not close enough to the magnet, or is not working properly.

If it is alternating properly, then your lower board is properly supplying power and is likely working properly (though not guaranteed). You may then be looking at a wire harness between the upper and lower board or the upper board itself. Check for continuity on each of the wires on the wire harness and if that checks out then the problem is likely your upper display.

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