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justwannahelp wrote at 2010-01-10 02:27:38
I had the same problem with our Nordic Track CX 998. My husband found the cable wrapped tightly around the 6v resistance motor. After he pushed up against the spring to give the cable some slack and unwound it from the motor it began to work again. I'm thinking that after extended use, the parts become dirty and well as with everything else, it stopped working properly and became wound too tight to work. I'm very relieved that we found this to be the only problem.  

birdman wrote at 2010-01-25 05:40:57
The servo motor costs about $100 online.  Common failure.  If you don't mind a single setting, you can just disconnect/loosen the servo motor cable, so that the magnet bracket is free to rest on the stop screw below.  Then adjust the stop screw to your chosen resistance, and leave it there.  It's not hard to readjust.  Just make sure you tighten the stop nuts and reinstall the plastic covers to protect small kids.  

pookie210 wrote at 2012-10-25 17:21:24
We recently received a Nordic Track CX998 from a friend who claimed it worked great.  Turns out the resistance motor and a bearing were bad.  Replaced both but the new resistance motor is no better than the first.  Not sure if we just received a bad one or not but not willing to put anymore $ into this machine at this point.  So we did as birdman described and just set the tension where we like and do not use the resistance settings on the panel.  The size of this machine is a little overwhelming for the room we are using so I would recommend to anyone looking for a unit for a small space to stick with the smallest profile possible.  My DH brought this home before I could set eyes on it or I may have suggested we wait.  

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