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dropout wrote at 2008-08-11 18:43:27
I am looking for a similiar Chaparral belt drive. Mine broke into pieces. Shows what plastic does. Real good for our cars. If I find one I will inform.

voicesinthedark wrote at 2010-01-28 17:44:10
I haven't found a replacement belt that is compatible either. I just contacted a company that makes commercial strength rubber belts and requested a sample belt to try as a replacement. If there is any success with it I will definitely let you know

Jerry wrote at 2015-11-04 23:49:25
I have a chaparral exercise bike which needed a belt. I have a solution to this problem. I went online to Lehman in Kidron ,Ohio looking for 1/4 inch od solid rubber. I found a 1/4 inch od sewing machine belt which fits perfectly. You can order it online from them it cost $6.95 Part number 1001762. It has everything to put it together. The web address is (

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