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elent wrote at 2015-07-10 01:59:30
Many years later, but I just repaired a similar problem.  It wasn't the belt slipping as I first thought.  It was the freewheeling gear that is located on the axle of the flywheel.  (A smaller gear type object that the belt goes over and it turns the flywheel -- when you stop peddling, it "freewheels" just like a bicycle).  On mine, the four half nuts that hold the freewheel into the hub had apparently loosened.  I took the flywheel off, but figured later that that was not necessary.  Tightened them and reassembled it  -- worked fine.  Doesn't take much to move the pawls out of sync with the hub gears.  You can look up bicycle freewheels on You-Tube to get a clearer picture of what I'm talking about.  Reminder: there are 6 nuts on that axel: oneon the outside on both sides, two each on the inside of both sides.  The inside nuts are the ones that you tighten.  

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