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Willi wrote at 2016-02-18 20:30:07
I have read that the Nazi material manufacturers of flags sometimes used rayon and it will glow under black light.  To test the glow lay the item on a new t-shirt and use the black light.  The t-shirt should really glow showing you a comparison of contrast.


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I am more-or-less expert in vexillology (the study of flags). My expertise is particularly strong in North America at the level of city and county, but if I don`t know the answer I know a dozen people who do. So if there`s a flag in the newspaper or on TV that you have trouble identifying, let me know. I`ll do my best. But PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO APPRAISE A FLAG'S VALUE: (1) I have no expertise in that area and (2) even if I did, I cannot appraise something I can't see. Take it to a museum which has a specialist in textiles and the like.


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